What Is High Antonym?

Does Zooted mean high?

(slang) Drunk or intoxicated; stoned; zonked..

What’s the opposite word of high?

What is the opposite of high?lowshortreedyskimpylankyinfinitesimalbonyteensy-weensybaby50 more rows

What does Zooted mean?

Adjective. zooted (comparative more zooted, superlative most zooted) (slang) drunk or intoxicated; stoned; zonked. I’m getting zooted on this drink.

What is the meaning of high?

1a : rising or extending upward a great distance : taller than average, usual, or expected a high wall a high fly ball. b : having a specified height or elevation : tall six feet high —often used in combinationsky-highwaist-high.

How do you say very high?

very high / synonymsvery big.very large.very tall.huge.most high.really loud.extremely high.too high.More items…

What is the opposite never?

What is the opposite of never?alwaysconstantlyceaselesslyeternallyeverinterminablypermanentlyrepeatedlyunceasinglyunfailingly8 more rows

What’s a synonym for Retrieve?

“train the dog to retrieve” Synonyms: call up, find, remember, recollect, call back, recall, think, recover, regain. remember, retrieve, recall, call back, call up, recollect, think(verb) recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection.

Is it an high or a high?

“A high” is correct, because the “h” is pronounced, or aspirated—that is you blow a bit of breath when saying the word. “An” is used before vowel sounds, as in “an apple,” “an orange,” “an elephant,” etc., and “an honest person.” Its function is to make pronunciation easier and smoother.

What is opposite of found?

(of an institution or organization) Opposite of to establish or originate. liquidate. wind up. abolish. disestablish.

What is the opposite of dirty?

soiled, unclean: bright, decent, orderly, pure, upright, nice, moral, spotless, tidy, neat, sterile, ordered, good.

What is the synonym of found?

establish, set up, start, begin, get going, initiate, institute, put in place, form, create, bring into being, launch, float, originate, develop, inaugurate, constitute, endow.

What does sus mean?

The earliest Urban Dictionary definition was posted in August 2003 by a user named Diego who defined the term as simply, “Short for ‘suspect’ or suspicious. ‘” Since then, sus became a common American turn of phrase that was more widely used to to describe anything that makes someone raise their eyebrow.

What is a synonym for high?

SYNONYMS. tall, lofty, towering, soaring, elevated, giant, big. multistorey, high-rise, sky-scraping.

What is the synonym and antonym of high?

Synonyms. high-stepping up steep high-level high-topped commanding eminent overlooking upper tallness high-stepped height soaring lofty high-altitude dominating towering high-top altitudinous tall top. Antonyms. low short side bottom down. Etymology.

What is a high high?

: higher than the normal high.

What is the opposite of beautiful?

Opposite of being physically attractive. ugly. hideous. grotesque. repulsive.

What is the adjective of high?

adjective, high·er, high·est. having a great or considerable extent or reach upward or vertically; lofty; tall:a high wall. having a specified extent upward: The apple tree is now 20 feet high. situated above the ground or some base; elevated: a high platform; a high ledge.

What is the meaning of Hello?

Hello might be derived from an older spelling variant, hullo, which the American Merriam-Webster dictionary describes as a “chiefly British variant of hello”, and which was originally used as an exclamation to call attention, an expression of surprise, or a greeting.

What is the opposite word of child?

“The connection must be through an agnate ancestor some generations older than the Royal personage.”…What is the opposite of children?adultsgrown-upsgentlemenladieswomen1 more row

What is a different word for found?

Find another word for found. In this page you can discover 96 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for found, like: located, discovered, unearthed, detected, native to, spotted, establish, create, common, equipped and conventional.

What does high and right mean?

Some typical factors are price and value. When these are displayed, the magic quadrant is high value, high price. The high price, high value quadrant is shown as high and and on the right hand side when shown on a graph. So, in a graph, you want to be seen as high and to the right.

What does torqued mean?

: a force that produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion also : a measure of the effectiveness of such a force that consists of the product of the force and the perpendicular distance from the line of action of the force to the axis of rotation. torque. transitive verb. torqued; torquing.