What Does It Mean When Someone Is Down For You?

What does 3 down mean?


three up, three down (uncountable) (baseball) The recording of three outs in an inning without allowing a batter to reach first base..

What does it mean when a girl says I am down?

When us women, are on our period, why do we call it ‘being down’? … This video by Sofy tells us that having our period is a liberating, elating feeling that every woman must be proud of. It is the sign of being healthy, it is the sign of being a woman.

How do you know if someone secretly loves you?

Signs He Loves You SecretlyHe’s got his eye on you – literally. Eye contact. … He remembers important dates. … He texts you goodnight. … He’s always respectful. … He’s eager to help you. … He prioritizes you. … He wants to know everything about you. … He makes an effort with your loved ones.More items…

What does it mean when a man says he has strong feelings for you?

It means he cares about you, with or without your agreement, with or without a relationship. Originally Answered: What does it mean when a guy says he has so much love for you? He might have a lot of love for you. He might be saying that so you’ll think he’s serious and then you’ll have sex with him.

Are you down slang meaning?

Are you down? (US slang): Are you in? Do you agree? What do you think?

What does being down for someone mean?

To be “Down for” means you have made a written or other strong commitment to doing it. If you are down for someone you’d manage anything for them. Down for someone means to like someone. I’m down for you.

What does down mean in slang?

Down also means – “hip” and “with it”; having been initiated into a certain lifestyle, usually street slick, and hustle smart. For example, “this is a down bunch of dudes”

What do you say when a girl is down?

Here are some more specific things you can say or offer:“I’m sorry you’re in so much pain.”“I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. … “You’re not alone.”“I’m here for you.” The caveat here is to only say it if you mean it, and are willing to help the person out in any way you can.More items…•

What does it mean I am down for it?

I could respond by saying yeah, I’m down for it. I think I could go out for a good burger and maybe some fries. I’m definitely down for it. So, in English, when you say I’m down for it, it means basically, yes. If someone was to say to me do you wanna go out and see a movie this Friday night?

How do you know that you have feelings for someone?

26 Signs You’re REALLY Into SomeoneYou constantly think of them when you’re not together. … Every little thing reminds you of them. … They make you feel like you can do anything. … Not to get all corny or anything, but life is sort of in technicolor now. … And thanks to them, you’re discovering parts of yourself you never knew existed.More items…•

What does you’re not down mean?

It means you don’t want to do something or you don’t agree with something. It can have a negative feeling or a disapproving feeling. I want to go walk in the part tonight. I’m not down with that.

Are you down for that meaning?

Are you down for is the slang formulation of the same thing. It is used by the young in order to be different from their parents. “Are you up for?” means “Do you agree to do this?” and “Are you down for?” means “Is your name on a list for….?”

What’s another way to say I’m down?

“Down” is one of those slang words that are used with opposite meanings. Traditionally, “I’m down” means “I’m sad,” but “put me down for that” means you agree to something, especially something good, and that’s where “amicable,” comes in, as a friendly offer or habit or relationship.

What does it mean when someone feels for you?

to feel the emotional pain that someone else is feeling; to empathize or sympathize with someone. I really feel for you.