Quick Answer: Why Does Miss Caroline Hit Scout With A Ruler?

What does Miss Caroline symbolize?

Miss Caroline Fisher, Scout’s new and inexperienced young teacher, represents change in the education system and new teaching methods.

She also represents the idea of the outsider who comes into Maycomb and does not understand the people or the community..

What did Miss Caroline do to scout?

On the first day of school, before the day was even close to being over, Miss Caroline “hauled [Scout] up to the front of the room and patted the palm of [her] hand with a ruler, then made [her] stand in the corner until noon.” Miss Caroline thought that Scout was being impertinent and a liar because the child told her …

How does Miss Caroline insult Walter?

Walter would not take Miss Caroline’s quarter because he did not have a quarter at home with which to pay her back. Scout tried to explain that Miss Caroline was embarrassing Walter: “You’re shamin’ him, Miss Caroline. Walter hasn’t got a quarter at home to bring you, and you can’t use any stovewood.”

Why did scout get in trouble in school?

On her first day of school, what does Scout get in trouble for? List three things. Scout gets in trouble for learning how to read and write and telling Miss Caroline about the Cunningham family. … Scout solves her problem by picking a fight with Walter Cunningham.

What is Miss Caroline like?

In Chapter 2, Scout begins school and meets her first grade teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher. Miss Caroline is “not more than 21,” and, with her auburn hair, pink cheeks, and red-and-white striped dress, she “looked and smelled like a peppermint drop.”

Why does Walter lie about his lunch?

Walter Cunningham is very shy. … “Walter Cunningham was sitting there lying his head off. He didn’t forget his lunch, he didn’t have any.” His behavior during lunch suggests that he is not super well off financially at home, and thus does not have enough money to buy food at lunch.

What were scouts 3 Mistakes?

Scout certainly starts off on the wrong foot her first day of school. First, she demonstrates that she knows how to read. Second, she demonstrates that she knows how to write. Third, she tries to offer an explanation for Walter Cunningham’s behavior when Miss Caroline tries to give him money for lunch.

What mistakes does Scout make on her first day of school Miss Caroline so angry?

Scout’s first mistake is reading aloud, which is frowned upon by Miss Caroline. Scout is asked to read the alphabet, most of My First Reader, and quotations from The Mobile Register. (2.22) Miss Caroline tells Scout that her father should stop teaching her how to read because it will interfere with her reading.

Why was scout beating up Walter?

Why does Scout beat up Walter in the school yard before lunch? She beat him up because he “made her start off on the wrong foot” with Miss Caroline. … He almost died because he ate the pecans from the Radley’s house that feel onto the school yard.

Why does Miss Caroline get mad at Scout?

It made Miss Caroline angry because she wanted to teach Scout in her own way–the way she learned in college. … We learn that he only shows up on the first day of school and that he is mean.

What does Miss Caroline tell scout her father should stop doing?

Miss Caroline tells Scout to stop doing certain things at home because they interfere with her education. … Miss Caroline tells Scout to stop doing certain things at home, that these things will interfere with her education. This is ironic.

What is the conflict between Miss Caroline and scout?

Scout’s main conflict with Miss Caroline is that her teacher does not try to understand her or Maycomb before making a judgement. Miss Caroline’s problem with Scout is that she doesn’t understand her, and she is in way over her head.