Quick Answer: When To Use Contain And Contains?

What is the difference between contain and contains?

“Contain” carries an implication of physical containment, while “include” does not.

So, for example, “the box contains three widgets” means they’re inside the box.

“Include” is less physical.

So, for example, you can say, “their honeymoon included a trip to Jamaica”, since it was part of the honeymoon..

When to use have or has?

EXPLANATION of WORDS: Have is the root VERB and is generally used alongside the PRONOUNS I / You / We / Ye and They and PLURAL NOUNS. Generally, have is a PRESENT TENSE word. Has is used alongside the PRONOUNS He / She / It and Who and SINGULAR NOUNS.

How do you use contain in a sentence?

Examples of contain in a Sentence The room was barely big enough to contain everyone who came to the meeting. The book contains over 200 recipes. The article contains information on how to plan your retirement. foods that contain a high level of fat The movie contains something for both children and adults.

What does teaches mean?

1. to impart knowledge of or skill in; give instruction in: She teaches mathematics. 2. to impart knowledge or skill to; give instruction to: He teaches a large class. 3. to impart knowledge or skill; give instruction, esp. as one’s profession or vocation.

Is teach singular or plural?

The plural form of teach is teaches.

What does it mean to be self contained?

English Language Learners Definition of self-contained : not requiring help or support from anyone or anything else : complete by itself. : tending to keep thoughts and feelings private and to deal with things without help from other people. British : having a kitchen and bathroom.

Is contain singular or plural?

Definitely “contain” (plural) for me. But I don’t agree to your rule fully. “Any + an uncountable noun” will take a singular verb.

Can’t contain the excitement?

6 verb If you cannot contain a feeling such as excitement or anger, or if you cannot containyourself, you cannot prevent yourself from showing your feelings.

What is a synonym for containing?

SYNONYMS. include, comprise, take in, incorporate, involve, encompass, embrace, embody. consist of, be made up, be composed of.

How do you use contain?

Contain sentence examplesFred could hardly contain his excitement. … Finally Royce could contain himself no longer. … Even Josh couldn’t contain a chuckle. … She laughed, unable to contain the emotion bubbling within her. … Cleveite, samarskite and fergusonite contain a little more than monazite. … It’s gotta be huge to contain all those people.More items…

Is contained in meaning?

adjective. showing restraint or calmness; controlled; poised: She was contained throughout the ordeal.

What is the present tense of contain?

contain ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌present tenseI/you/we/theycontainhe/she/itcontainspresent participlecontainingpast tensecontained1 more row

What is the definition of contain?

verb (used with object) to have as contents or constituent parts; comprise; include. to keep under proper control; restrain: He could not contain his amusement.

What is the noun of contain?

container. Someone who contains; something that contains. An item in which objects, materials or data can be stored or transported. (transport) A very large, typically metal, box used for transporting goods.