Quick Answer: What Is The Word For Someone Who Doesn’T Drink?

Why do some people don’t drink?

A common reason people don’t drink is their religious beliefs.

Major religions like Islam and Sikhism eschew alcohol, as do some Christian denominations, such as Mormons and Baptists.

Other religions preach moderation.

There are also a range of health reasons..

What religions dont drink alcohol?

Jainism, Islam, Buddhism discourages, Hinduism discourages it, Sikhism, “Christian” cults such as Mormonism, and Jehovah’s Witnesses are against it, some more “Puritan” forms of “Christianity” that have a higher standard for alcohol consumption than even Jesus did, prohibit it as well.

How do I tell someone I don’t drink anymore?

Something like, “Drinking is kind of a slippery slope for me and I’m just not willing to take that chance tonight,” could work. You could also use something like, “When I start drinking, things always go a bit crazy and trust me, you don’t want to be around for that.”

What is a good excuse to not drink alcohol?

Try the following replies:I’m the designated driver.I’ve got an early start in the morning.I’m taking the night off – giving the liver a break!I just want to see what it’s like to go with out a drink.I’m doing it for charity. Do you want to sponsor me? (Say this if you really want them to get out of your face).

What if someone asks you to drink an alcoholic beverage What will you say and do to avoid the situation?

Answer Expert Verified Simply say no or that you don’t drink alcoholic beverages and make polite polite excuses to leave the place.

What do you call a person who gets drunk easily?

lightweight. noun. informal someone who becomes drunk very easily.

What does Teetotaller mean?

noun. a person who abstains totally from intoxicating drink.

What do you say when you don’t drink?

Here are a few of my go-to ways to tell someone you don’t drink:“The truth is, I had a problem with drinking.” … “Drinking wasn’t doing me any good.” … “I didn’t like the person I was when I drank.” … “I’m driving.” … “It doesn’t mix well with my medications.”

What do you call someone who doesn’t smoke?

Answered May 22, 2017 · Author has 280 answers and 849K answer views. A person who does not smoke — nonsmoker (single word, without a hyphen) A person who does not consume alcohol — teetotaler.

Do non drinkers live longer?

There’s good news for alcohol drinkers – you’re likely to live longer than non-drinkers. A new study has revealed non-drinkers are more likely to die early than those who drink in moderation. … Anything more than light drinking increased the odds of negative health impacts.

Why is not drinking called T total?

In 1833, a certain Richard Turner of Preston, England, used the word to advocate for “Tee-Total” abstinence from all alcohol, not just abstinence from hard liquor. …

What do you say when someone asks why you don’t drink?

7 Ways To Respond When Someone Asks Why You’re Not DrinkingTell them the straight-up truth. … “I don’t like the person I am when I drink.” Before I was comfortable telling people the truth about why I stopped drinking, this was my go-to response. … “I’m better at drinking than I am at being drunk.” I only heard this one for the first time recently, but I love it.More items…•

What is an abstainer?

a person who abstains from something regarded as improper or unhealthy, especially the drinking of alcoholic beverages. a person who abstains from anything.

What do you call a person who smokes?

smoker. noun. someone who smokes cigarettes, a pipe etc.