Question: Why Are Waffle Slabs Used?

What are the advantages of flat slab?

Benefits of Using Flat Slab Construction MethodFlexibility in room layout.Saving in building height.Shorter construction time.Ease of installation of M&E services.Use of prefabricated welded mesh.Buildable score..

Why do we use waffle slab?

Waffle slabs are used for larger span slabs or floors and used when there is limited requirement for number of columns. The load carrying capacity of waffle slab is greater than the other types of slabs. They provide good structural stability along with aesthetic appearance.

What is the difference between ribbed slab and waffle slab?

Ribbed slabs are made up of wide band beams running between columns with narrow ribs spanning the orthogonal direction. … Waffle slabs have a thin topping slab and narrow ribs spanning in both directions between column heads or band beams. The column heads or band beams are the same depth as the ribs.

What is a waffle pod slab?

This is where the concrete is sitting on (and around) a series of boxes (or Pods) set out in a grid pattern. Think of a waffle pod as a raft lying flat above your soil. ARE THEY JUST AS STRONG AS CONVENTIONAL SLABS? • Waffle pod slabs are even stronger than conventional slabs, as the slab is poured as one piece.

Are waffle slabs bad?

Waffle slabs are built on top of the ground and need great drainage and really hard ground for the life of the building. … When turf and gardens are placed around waffle slabs, water can easily flow under the slab – that’s bad!

How much does a waffle slab cost?

On average, concrete slabs can cost anywhere from $75 to $110 per square metre. That’s still quite a spread, but it gives you a starting point for comparing quotes.

How does a waffle pod slab work?

The construction process involves a building system of concrete slabs that are shored up by columns. The monolithic poured concrete will form a flat top surface while the rectangular grids form deep concrete beams on the underside, with the beams resembling waffle pockets spread out at right angles.

Why is foam used in concrete slabs?

They reduce the effects of soil movement, decrease the amount of concrete required, and have thermal insular properties making them a cost effective component for any home, building or complex. In traditional slabs, the bottom of the slab uses footings based on concrete beams which require extensive digging.

What is rib beam?

The Rib Beams are an integral component of the Rib and Block system. … Each Rib Beam contains 5 x 5mm diameter pre-stressed wires, which are prestressed to approximately 75% of their ultimate tensile strength (UTS).

Why do they put foam under concrete?

Concrete contractors learned that a layer of poly helps to keep a slab dry, because it stops upward vapor diffusion from the soil. … The foam layer isolates the room-temperature slab from the cold soil under the slab.

How long does a waffle slab take to dry?

approximately 7 daysDuring the slab construction process, the slab will take approximately 7 days to cure, so be patient – you are literally watching concrete dry during this week! Once the slab has had enough time to cure, the plumbing and drains will be connected onsite.

How far can a concrete slab span?

Reinforced concrete allows a wide range of structural options and provides cost-effective solutions for a multitude of situations—from residential buildings with moderate live loads and spans of about 25 ft, to commercial buildings with heavier live loads and spans ranging from 40 ft to 50 ft and beyond.

What is the minimum thickness for a residential slab?

4 inchesStandard concrete floor slab thickness in residential construction is 4 inches. Five to six inches is recommended if the concrete will receive occasional heavy loads, such as motor homes or garbage trucks. To prepare the base, cut the ground level to the proper depth to allow for the slab thickness.

What is 2way slab?

Two-way slabs are slabs that are supported on four sides. In two-way slabs, the load will be carried in both directions, thus main reinforcement is provided in both directions for two-way slabs. The slabs are considered as spanning two-way when the longer to shorter span length is less than a ratio of two.

Where is waffle slab used?

Waffle slab can be used as both ceiling and floor slab. They are used in the areas where less number of columns are provided, i.e. it is basically used in th areas which has huge spans. Waffle slab is not used in typical construction projects.

How thick is a waffle slab?

Waffle slab design Slab depth is typically 75 mm (3 in) to 130 mm (5 in) thick.

How do you calculate waffle slab?

Divide the total area m^2 by 1.51 to get number of Waffle Pod require for the slab. … Multiply the number of pods by 2.3 then divide by 5.5 to calculate the number of Y bar in 6 meter lengths required. … Multiply total lineal mere of edge beam by (Normally) 150×150 2. … 85mm Thick slab: … 100mm Thick slab: