Question: Who Defeated Baby 5?

Who can beat Zoro?

10 Can Beat: Dracule Mihawk Dracule Mihawk currently holds the title of the “Strongest Swordsman in the World.” He used to be rivals with Shanks, who is currently a Yonko.

Zoro faced Mihawk very early on in the series and needless to say he was washed away by Mihawk’s power..

What episode does Zoro defeat pica?

Episode 7192-17) and Episode 719, Zoro defeats Pica.

What did Garp do do Chinjao?

After the two collided, Garp overpowered Chinjao, causing his head to completely collapse in a telescopic fashion. This incident severely limited his destructive power to the point where he was no longer able to open up his secret treasure stash in the Ice Continent.

Can Zoro beat Hakuba?

Hakuba has raw skills and makes him pretty strong and fast. Pre timeskip Zoro would have been more on equal terms with him. But even then Zoro would have been the ultimate victor.

Will usopp get a devil fruit?

It’s very likely that Usopp will never get a Devil Fruit. … Aside from it being unnecessary for his character, it would be very trite and boring to see any more of the crew suddenly gain Devil Fruit abilities. It just furthers the strength of crew seeing them get as far as they are without the need of superhuman powers.

Is doflamingo dead?

No Doflamingo is not dead but in prison in Impel Down. … He is in Impel down jail.

Who is stronger killer or Zoro?

So Killer technically one shoted Zoro too. That is SUPER impressive considering that Zoro can take insane damage. I’d say Zoro won the fight, but it was a lot closer to a tie than anything else. They both took one big hit and passed right after.

Who defeated Dellinger?

CavendishDespite being a powerful member of the group, he was swiftly defeated by Cavendish in his Hakuba form in one strike.

Does Luffy beat wyper?

30 Chapter 277 and Episode 187, Wyper and the rest are found defeated by Luffy and Aisa.

Is pica stronger than doflamingo?

2 Pica. Pica is the commander of Pica’s commando unit and Pica’s subdivision army. Strength-wise, he is only below Doflamingo.

Does baby 5 marry Sai?

Baby 5 is the alias of a pirate who is married to Sai, the Happo Navy’s 13th leader. She is a former servant and assassin of the Donquixote Pirates serving as an officer in the Pica Army.

Is Hakuba stronger than Luffy?

Hakuba is strong as hell , being luffy grand fleet 1st commander and imo strongest one among his allies/Bartolomeo , about even. Will not be able to beat doffy, but could give doffy a hard time.

Is Sabo stronger than Luffy?

There is no way luffy is stronger than sabo. He might have gear 4 but he can do damage only a limited amount of time and then he is probably not abe to use haki for a certain amount of time. While we haven’t seen sabo full power but due to his mastery in haki without any drawbacks he is way above luffy.

Did Senor pink die?

He kept from her that he was a pirate, since she hated pirates, telling her that he was a legitimate banker and the two were ultimately married. They had a son, Gimlet, but he died while Pink was on business with the Donquixote Family.

Is Enma a black blade?

Enma- Sword of Kozuki Oden, and one of the two he wielded. Siad to be the only weapon to inflict a wound on Kaido (guess is the cross-shaped scar on his torso) It is the same grade as Shusui, but it’s not a black blade.