How Do You Clean Expensive Curtains?

Can baking soda remove stains?

Pouring baking soda on a wet stain and allowing it to sit can help remove both the stain and the odor.

Be sure to brush off the baking soda into the sink or the trash before washing through the regular cycle..

How do you get stains out of silk curtains?

Mix a drop of mild laundry detergent in a gallon of water and stir it well. Dab the soapy mixture onto the water spots with a slightly dampened rag. Rinse the soap out of the rag and gently rub the spot with the clean rag to rinse the drape.

How do you get stains out of curtains?

Greasy Stains First treatment for this type of spot is to dust on some talcum powder and brush gently. Reapply and leave overnight. Brush off in the morning. You should have a considerably paler mark that you can now deal with further.

What happens if you wash dry clean only?

Many Dry Clean Only fabrics are not colorfast. Washing could destroy any beading, sequins or lace. Dry cleaning is a more gentle process and professional cleaners know how to protect those delicate trimmings. Fabric pilling.

Can you wash net curtains in a washing machine?

– Usually the hand wash or delicate cycle on your machine will be best. – Wash at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. – Do not spin – for best results rinse and hang to drip dry (this also usually avoids any need for ironing!) – Side seams help prevent any fraying, crucial with voile but also beneficial for net …

How do you get yellow stains out of curtains?

To get rid of the yellowing and restore your drapes to their original vibrant color, soak the stained parts overnight in a mixture of hot water, 1 cup baking soda, ½ cup borax, and ½ cup salt. Launder as usual before drying. Oil – Greasy foods can often leave a tough stain on your curtains.

Is there an alternative to dry cleaning?

Home dry cleaning kits are the number one dry cleaning alternative. These dryer bags contain a small amount of cleaning solution and usually come with a stain treatment. Place the clothes in the bag, and the sheet included with the bag draws out the dirt from the clothes without damaging the items.

What is the best way to clean curtains?

Constant exposure to sunlight can render even sturdy fabrics fragile. So when machine-washing curtains and draperies, use the gentle cycle, cool or lukewarm water, and mild detergent. If possible, hang on a clothesline to dry, or put them in a clothes dryer on a no-heat or delicate setting.

Can you wash curtains that say dry clean only?

Dry Cleaning Some curtains may have a label that reads dry clean only. … If you do decide to try to machine or hand wash dry clean only curtains, use a very mild detergent and a gentle cycle. Don’t wash anything else with them in the cycle as they may not be colorfast.

How often should you wash your curtains?

Curtains naturally attract dust and absorb odors over time. It is recommended to clean your curtains every 3 to 6 months. Having your curtains cleaned on a regular basis is a good idea to keep your house fresh and clean.

Can you clean curtains without taking them down?

But rather than taking them down and cleaning them, you can remove stains while your curtains are in situ — with the power of steam. A powerful, handheld steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment can often dislodge stains and dirt from curtains with the minimum of effort.