Symbolic and Good Reasons to Give Pearls as Gift

Pearls and diamonds are popular gifts to be given to your loved ones. For example, giving mom a pearl necklace on Mother’s Day shows your gratitude of handling your monstrous childhood behavior. For weddings, pearls are also popular to gift the bride-to-be. Other popular occasion is the Valentine’s Day, as pearls are regarded as a symbol of royalty and love.

Pearls are also popular 30th anniversary gem, as they are always trendy and make women of all age look glamorous. You can get more information about pearl gifting ideas online. Pearl bracelets or earrings can be bestowed on your dear ones during special achievements or moments in life. It can be birth of child or graduation or promotion because pearls can be forever reminder of important occasions in their life.

In the fashion industry, pearls have established themselves because of their versatility. They can be worn on every occasion to highlight boundless amount of clothing style. There are different styles and designs to choose, so select the right size, color, and length of pearl strands for your beloved ones.

Pearl jewellery gift symbolism

  • White pearls symbolise honesty, beauty, and purity.
  • Black pearls symbolize prosperity, strength, balance and protection.
  • Pink pearls represent passion, romance, love, and loyalty
  • Golden pearls signify warmth, wisdom, success, and illumination
  • Multi-color pearls make striking personalised gift

What to consider while buying pearl jewellery?

Check the pearls quality to determine its value using the factors like luster, color, and shape. Luster means the light that reflects off the pearls. Strong reflection and radiance will give better luster. Low reflection and foggy surface will display low luster. Perfectly round pearls are very rare and to know more about the variety of shapes visit online blogs.

Color of real pearls are natural but can be treated, so hold less significance. However, South sea pearls are rarest and extremely pricey because of its deep golden color and quality. Black or Tahitian pearls are also available in plethora of metallic looks.

Fifty percent of pearls found around the world fall under Akoya category. Freshwater Akoya pearls are common as they are least expensive. In general, they have low luster and don’t have perfect round shape. With all this information, buying ideal pearl jewellery for your loved one becomes easy.

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