Simple Nail Designs for Spring To Spruce Your Next Manicure

Your fashion sense is the reflection that how’s the current season make you feel and spring is the season that compels you to wear fresh and bright dresses. The color and theme of the season mean a lot when it comes to nail art designs. Opt these designs and paint the gorgeous flowers on your nails before seeing all over Pinterest. Here are some simple nail designs for spring that you can go with for creative nail art designs that reflect your personality, mood, and style. So, why not try one of these nail art ideas for yourself in this spring with these elegant, lively and simple nail designs that spruce your next mani. Let’s get begin!

Sparkle Ombre Nails

If you want to add a little more glamour to your look then go for this ombre sparkle and rhinestone design nail art. This nail art design will give your nails a sparkly and shiny touch by tackling three trends at once. This nail look is perfect for a party or special occasions.

Negative Space

This nail art design is perfect for a bright spring day out. To get the look, choose your favorite pastel colors from your collection and a roll of tape. Cover your every finger with the thin piece of rape and paint your nails with different shades above and below each stripe. Allow to dry, and then remove the stripes.

Rainbow Frame

When you want your nails to aptly reflect your modern and lively personality, choose a rainbow frame for your nails. To get this rainbow look, use purples, blue and pink shades to make stripes on your nails. Allow them to dry and create a circular center on each stripe with a pure white polish coating.

Mermaid Scales

Channel your old-school nail look with the under-the-sea-nails look that’s absolutely glistening and perfect simple nail designs for spring. Start by using two coats of lavender polish to get mermaid scales look. Allow to dry and cover your nails with a piece of mesh around your fingers. Start to wrap with mesh at the tip and stop halfway up your nails. Then create the scale with the silver polish over the mesh and remove it. Repeat this process with the remaining fingers to get the gleaming mermaid look.

Flirty flowers

Spring is incomplete without flowers and floral prints. Paint your nails with flowers using vibrant shades and get a chic nail look to rock all day long. To achieve this look, paint your nails with small pink blobs and allow them to dry completely. Now, add the hot pink swirls using thin striper brush, starting in the middle of bud to create pretty petals. For creating leaves, Paint small almond shapes on rose using a toothpick and fill it to create a floral pattern.


We had to end our post with this elegant nail art design. Seashell look give your nails a cool and fabulous look to make you feel the spring in a tremendous and stylish way. This look is astoundingly easy to create. Use white polish to paint your nails and allow them to dry. Now, draw a half moon and add a tiny base with coral color to create scalloped shell shapes. Use striker brush to complete the look. Stick some pearls in the center to compliment the look.


We are obsessing over with these simple nail designs for spring, don’t you? These uber chic and striking nail art designs ideas can surely impress any and everyone. Leave a comment and let us know which nail art idea do you opt for your next spring look?

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