9 Tips On How To Properly Store And Care For Your War Memorabilia

To ensure that your WWII memorabilia maintain their good condition for as long as possible, follow the tips below when storing and taking care of them. They will help you keep the value of your war memorabilia from going down.

1. Get the right containers

It is important that your war memorabilia be stored in the appropriate containers. A good example would be storing military uniforms in a flat container to prevent it from being misshapen. Pressure on the materials of your war memorabilia can leave it with permanent damage.

2. Choose the appropriate location

Storing your war memorabilia in a room where there’s a lot of moisture, heat, or direct sunlight will be detrimental to it. Make sure that you put your war memorabilia containers in rooms that are preferably dark and cool. Check if there are any pipes on the exterior of the wall as well.

3. Disassemble war memorabilia for better storage

Disassembling your war memorabilia if it is not going to be displayed is much better for preservation. It will also be a lot easier to clean because you don’t have to constantly disassemble it which puts it at risk of being broken.

4. Clean your WWII memorabilia before putting in storage

Most WWII memorabilia are made with materials that tend to deconstruct and fall apart when they are left dirty. Although the appeal is there with the authenticity of the memorabilia appearing dirty because they are from a war, you shouldn’t leave them dirty when storing them.

5. Use soft brushes for service medals

It is important to not damage service medals that is why you have to use soft brushes when cleaning them. The environment where you clean and store service medals should be free of acid.

6. Regular maintenance and inspection

To ensure that your WWII memorabilia are cleaned and stored properly, regular maintenance and inspection should be done not only for the memorabilia but for the storage as well. When the storage itself is dirty, the memorabilia can easily be affected.

7. Avoid tampering with memorabilia

Using modern pens might damage the journals, charts, maps, and other war memorabilia that you have. Do not attempt to add any modifications to these items because doing so actually decreases their value in the long run. Label them on their storage instead.

8. Photographs should be stored in a sealed container

To avoid damage to war photographs, store them in a sealed container inside a room where there’s little to no sunlight hitting the said container. Proper storage should be done even when displaying the photographs. If possible, use duplicates.

9. Avoid exposing war memorabilia to lights in general

Although it is a well-known fact that sunlight can damage war memorabilia when they’re exposed to it far too often, this is also the case for artificial lights. Unless you don’t have any items filtering the lights, don’t expose them to those lights for too long.

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