5 Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Sneaker


A pair of sneakers can make exercise a fun activity. Whether you run or hit the gym, the right pair can lift your mood and make you feel powerful. And if you are one of those people who wear chunky sneakers every day just because you love them so much, then knowing how to buy the perfect pair is a great idea. Here are 5 tips that will help you shop for your next pair of sneakers.

  1. Look for good cushioning

It is crucial that the pair you buy has good cushioning. Basso has some really good chunky shoes that have a solid layer of cushioning. This is important because the cushion is what is going to work hard at keeping you comfortable. It is also going to make your feet feel well-protected and you can easily go about your whole day without ever feeling the need to take them off. Invest in a pair with good cushioning and you will be thanking yourself later.

  1. Choose a pair according to the activity

Today, sneakers are not just meant for exercise like running and walking. Many people wear them to work and even for Sunday brunch! It is best if you choose a pair that goes with the activity you plan to wear it for. For example, if you go running every day, then choose a pair that will help you feel motivated to get out of the bed every morning. If you are choosing it for a more fun activity like brunch with friends, then it is best to choose one in a nice colour. Chunky shoes are super-fun and can make the girliest of dresses come alive. Choose to be different by ditching the high heels and instead choosing a pair you can slip into comfortably.

  1. Style is the key

This is especially true for women looking for chunky sneakers to add oomph to their style. Sneakers are very much in fashion now and it really is important to buy a pair that is trendy and fun. Stylish sneakers you can wear to work or to a party are something you need in your wardrobe. Even if you need a pair for exercising, it is best to choose something that looks great.

  1. The right fit

Getting the fit right is very important. Basso has some really good pairs in good sizes. The most crucial thing you can do to ensure the right fit is to buy a bigger pair. Remember, you are probably going to wear socks with it so a larger pair is going to be more comfortable.

  1. Shop online

There are many online stores available that will sell everything from shoes to faux fur jackets. Buying online gives you the opportunity of browsing options before deciding what to buy. It also lets you enjoy discounts and offers while sitting at home. When shopping for the perfect pair, shop online and have your order delivered straight to your home.

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