5 must haves for every Boss Lady!

When you are a working woman life is a roller coaster ride. Most people don’t realize how hard life is for us, we have twin sets of responsibilities! Not only do we have to do everything on our task lists with utmost perfection, we have to look impeccable while doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that women are pressurized to dress up every day, most of us enjoy the task of looking like a million bucks but that doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake. Every woman is a boss lady in her own special way and we like to dress the part. This means that every day we have to address the age old question – What to wear? Thanks to the regular upgradation of the corporate fashion choices we now have graphic ties, strappy heels, statement belts and much more to choose from. Strong women need statement styles. If you are looking for a perfect blend of luxury and fashion with intricate detailing especially customized for you, then you must go for these 5 must haves that’ll sure make the lioness in you purr.

  1. Alpha Flower Power Shirt

This crisp white shirt is a statement Kerry Parker apparel that you should definitely have. The intricacy of pearls and multi-hued handmade flowers on the pocket is the main and only highlight of the oversized shirt, just like a good formal piece should be. This premium cotton shirt will enhance your style quotient making you look strong and subtle!

  1. Pin-Striped Power Suit

This pin striped power tailored suit is a steal. It has all the checks for a perfect corporate outfit, the wide stipes, the flattering dips and the perfect fit. But that’s not it, plain isn’t Kerry Parker’s thing, the lace detailing is the real deal. It gives the suit a new personality and you a chance to stand away from the crowd. You want more? Okay, it is fashioned from scuba spandex and has a padded corset to fit you at best. The pants are tailored in a way to enhance your beautiful booty line.


  1. Hot Toddy Wilderness Block Heels

Your heels are so much more than just footwear in the corporate world, they are more accurately the first statement you make. You’ll be amazed to find out how much they say about you. Your choice needs to be subtle yet bold, comfortable yet brazen. These White vegan leather Leopard strappy heels, with the delicacy of pearls above the strap and boldness of animal prints makes it a heart throb. You can pair these strappy heels with the alpha power flower shirt or with pin stripped power suit and rock your feral look. Again, it is a limited edition 3-inch block heel with a pearl string. Don’t miss out!

  1. Statement Belt: What The Stud

Unlike the name of this statement belt, its look totally means business. You can wear it over a shirt and trouser/pencil skirt or palazzo! It has a tie up back which makes it easy to secure. The best thing though is that its black, the favourite office colour! So, why wait? Rush for this amazing piece before you have to settle for another boring black thing.

  1. Graphic Tie: Monochrome Comic Strip

A tie is a staple in the corporate world but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The exclusive range of graphic ties by Kerry Parker is nothing like your conventional ones.  This comic trip tie is what you absolutely need to break the monotony. Its chic and fun and still a tie which means that you are technically dressing formal. The dramatic print is a breath of fresh air and trust me you don’t want to miss out on this one. Graphic ties are here to make sure office wear comes out of its shell to be a little livelier and fun.

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